Monday, January 29, 2018

AJ Book Series Idea | Need opinions/suggestions!

Hi, Jammers! I came up with an idea for an AJ book series I call Alphas of the Stars. Before I start writing, I'd like to hear some people's opinions and/or suggestions.

First things first:

The Alphas of the Stars(or the night Alphas) are minor Alphas who control and can harness the power of the elements night under the guidance of Liza and Greely. They have their own secret headquarters above the main Alpha HQ, which can only be accessed from dusk to dawn.

The Alphas:

Luna is responsible for the phases of the moon in Jamaa. Her wings glow and change their shape according to the current moon phase.

Estella(Arctic fox)
Estella is responsible for arranging the stars over Jamaa to create constellations. She meets Peck at the Alpha HQ, who takes a special liking to Estella.

Evelyn(called Evie by her friends) is responsible for making sure the moon, stars, and her fellow night Alphas' wings are glowing.

Aurora(Arctic wolf, subject to change)
Aurora is responsible for the Northern Lights in Mt. Shiveer. Her wings are always glowing the colors of the Northern Lights while the glow from the other night Alphas' wings are maintained by Evelyn.

That's it for now!


Sunday, January 7, 2018

I'm back!!! + Chapter 8 of the (old)Project!(FINALLY)

Hey, Jammers! Daylite here. A lot has happened over these four months.

3. MY CHAPTER OF THE PROJECT!! FINALLY!! It's (SUPER)late, short, and not nearly as creative as the chapters I've read so far. Graciepopstar91 has decided to start over the project, but I'd still like to post it and keep it as inspiration for the new project.


Daylite was terrified and in awe at the same time. The inside of the portal was breathtaking. It looked like a shining purple galaxy. Jumping in the portal wasn't as scary as she expected it to be, especially since she was with some of the others. Another blogger, Swirlshine, joined the four.
Lost, Sarah and Ja greeted her in unison. "Swirl!"
"This is Daylite," Ja told Swirl. Daylite smiled shyly and waved.
Ok. I still don't know where I'm going! What if I land somewhere dangerous? What if I'm stuck there? What if I'm stuck in here? A far away light caught Daylite's eye. She tried to stay calm and not to think about where the portal would take her. As she grew nearer to the blinding light, she became more excited to see where she'd end up rather than scared. Seconds later, she was sucked out of the portal and fell onto what felt like a huge fluffy cloud. Her aqua maxi dress and fuzzy vest had transformed into gold and white lounge clothes and her headphones were replaced with a new rose gold pair, which looked a bit like the futuristic headphones on Animal Jam. Daylite looked up and saw she was in a neat, modern bedroom. There were no windows, and the only colors in the entire room were white and gold. All of the furniture was floating right before her eyes. But the thing that surprised her most was the fact that she actually landed on a cloud! There were a few decorative pillows and a soft blanket on it, too.
So... I guess the people here use clouds as beds.
She stood up and found a pamphlet on the nightstand.
"The Dome..." Daylite murmured to herself. She scanned through the welcome packet and found a map of what apparently was "the Dome". Hey, there's a cafeteria! I could eat. Daylite walked briskly out of the room, which turned out to be a large apartment. This blogger thing is tougher than I thought. She was somewhat new to the blogger community, and though the others were super nice, she still didn't know them very well.
A girl in a cute metallic mini skirt approached Daylite in the halls. "Excuse me! Are you Daylite? Syd and Moon's cousin? The girls who run the theater club?"
"Yes, I am Daylite, but I'm not Syd or Moon's cousin. And there's a theater club here?" Daylite's eyes lit up.
"Yup. Right now they're rehearsing for that old musical Hamilton for their spring show."
"Old? That musical came out, what, three years ago?"
The girl looked confused. "Uh... no. You know it's 2035, right?"

No! I didn't! Daylite thought. I haven't even met these Syd and Moon girls and I already like them, though.

Daylite spotted the cafeteria and ran over to grab a spot in the long line. Like her apartment, everything was glowing and floating. When it was her turn, the bartender frowned. "Um... don't you belong over there?" she gestured to an area of the café that was extremely glamorous. There were a few stairs which led to a red carpet- which was floating like the rest of the things in the Dome.
Wait. That's the upper class cafeteria. Rose gold means upper class, gold means middle class, and silver means lower class. My headphones are rose gold! That's probably why everyone knows my name! I think that was in the welcome packet...
She ordered a sub and a coffee to go from the lower class café anyway and headed back to her apartment. She was about to forget about the whole portal problem when a girl wearing a rose gold tiara rushed in with a slice of pizza.
She must be one of my roommates. Wait... I've seen her before...
"Snow! Boy, am I glad to see you! Where's Mega?" Daylite exclaimed. The girl was Snow London, one of the other bloggers.
"That's the problem. I don't know!" Megadiancie was usually with Snow since they run a blog together.
"Well, I fell out of the portal into one of the bedrooms in here. Maybe Mega did, too."
"Hmm... let's check." The two hurried in just in time to see Mega belly flop out of the glowing green portal onto the bed.
"Mega!" Snow exclaimed.
"Hey. Whoa, where am I?"
"2035. I'll explain the rest later. We have to jump in the portal bef-"
The portal closed up before Daylite could finish.
"Well. Who wants to help look for another portal?"
"Uh, we could try opening it again." Mega walked over to where the portal was. She tapped the empty space where the portal had been and to Snow and Daylite's surprise, it actually made a sound. Mega paused, then banged on the portal and it burst open.
"Quick! Get in!" Snow shouted. The three girls dove in.

Thanks for reading! I'm going to start posting again on a regular basis.


Monday, October 9, 2017

Animal Jam Sketchbook Updates!

Hi, everyone! Daylite here.
So I should be working on the RIM right now. But I'm not.
There will be no RIM for a few weeks. I'm taking a short hiatus. I'm collaborating with some other bloggers on a BIG project and my chapter will be published on the 6th of November.
I'm just taking a break from my blog. I'll still be active on AJ. I'll still be keeping track of the RIMS and will create a PDF with the RIMS I missed.
See you in a few weeks!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Hai! I couldn't think of anything to post today, so I'm taking an ally's advice and posting about pets.
I just wanted to share this.
One last thing though: I need ideas!
I can't just do RIMs. Please comment down below or Hangout me!


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RIM Archives | Rare Egg Nest Hat

 Hihi! Sorry for no RIM post yesterday. I cropped the screenshots and decided it could wait. Please comment what kind of content I could post on this blog because I can't just do RIMs! Well, here's the info.
The RIM item: Rare Egg Nest Hat
Shop: Jam Mart Clothing(as usual),14th page
Members only?: Yes(of course)
Date: September 26, 2017
Land or sea?: Land
Cost: 1,100 gems

Okie, that's it for now! Bai!


Monday, September 18, 2017

RIM Archives | Rare Sequin Bow

Bonjour, Jammers! I know you're probably here for today's RIM, but before we get on to the facts, I'd like to tell you guys about this new blog started by Arcticstarz, a well known AJ Youtuber and Instagrammer! I don't want to say anything else, you can check it out here!
As for the RIM, we have the rare sequin bow, which is probably my favorite rare so far(this and the rare floppy hat).
The RIM: Rare Sequin Bow
Shop: Jam Mart Clothing, 9th page
Members only?: No (:
Date: September 18, 2017
Land or sea?: Land(as usual, but there are some underwater rares)
Cost: 2,500 gems

I literally just realized it's nonmember☺
Not only that, but I think it's really pretty. I'm a member, but I was a nonmember for a LONG time.
That's it, people!


Monday, September 11, 2017

RIM Archives | Rare Floppy Hat

Hola! Welcome to the RIM Archives! Today we've got the rare Floppy Hat, one of my favorite RIMs I've done on this blog.
The RIM Item: Rare Floppy Hat
Shop: Jam Mart Clothing, 14th page
Members only?: Yes
Date: September 11, 2017
Land or sea?: Land
Cost: 900 gems

Dang. I never know how to make these posts longer.


AJ Book Series Idea | Need opinions/suggestions!

Hi, Jammers! I came up with an idea for an AJ book series I call Alphas of the Stars. Before I start writing, I'd like to hear some peop...