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Spinny and Snazzy: Magic Twins | Chapter Three

Chapter Three
Snazzy POV

Spinny and I ran across the den from a tall shadowy wolf figure. We slid under our bed in terror as we saw it wander around in search of us. I was trying so hard not to breathe loudly. “Twin," Spinny whispered, her voice breaking. “I’m scared."
"I know,” I whispered so softly, I was almost mouthing it. “Just staAHHHHHH!!!" I screamed to
the top of my lungs as l was snatched from under the bed by the anonymous wolf.
Then I woke up.
We shot up in bed, breathing heavily. “Kids! Dinner!" Our mom, Bubbles, called. We rushed downstairs without saying anything and ate dinner quietly.

"Sista? Snazzy asked, using their twin powers to talk to Spinny with their mind.
"Do you remember the nightmare I just had?"
"Yea. What about it? It was just a dream."
"I think someone is trying to tell me something. .. what if it’s a representation of that wolf to adopt as and then was stalking us at our old den?? What if she’s back?"
Oh no. .. we have to activate our twin powers!"

“Ok, kids, time for bed! Remember, we’re all going swimming during the sunset tomorrow!”
“I really hope we don’t have to leave againn." Spinny told Snazzy. Mom tucked us both in bed.
”Night, Mom. We loaf you." Spinny and I said.

“Goodnight, kids!" Mom switched off the light. Then we began our transformation, which was quite extravagant. When we were fully transformed, we took off into the night.

Spinny and Snazzy: Magic Twins | Chapter One

Hola, Jammers! So I’ve started writing a new short story with Cookiegaming106 called Spinny and Snazzy: Magic Twins(kinda generic title but it's all we could think of)! It’s based on a roleplay we did and each chapter will alternate POVs between our characters! We'll post each chapter on our blogs but I’ll also have a page+pdf with the whole story so far! My chapters are REALLY cringey, but I still hope y'all like ‘em!

Chapter One
Snazzy POV

Me and Spinny trotted into the pillow room looking for someone to adopt us. We used to have a loving mother but someone was stalking us because they wanted to adopt us when we already had a mom, so we had to activate their twin powers and leave. We still kept in touch while we were on the run, though.
I trailed behind Spinny carrying in a sign to set up next to us. We tried to get people's attention, but no such luck. Eventually, we grew tired and bored; Spinny scratching little doodles on the felt rug and me pacing in a small circle and fidgeting.
“Hey, I know we're not having any luck, but do you want to spend the night here? It’s cozy here.” I said with a hopeful smile.
“Why not? We can start looking the moment we wake up, I guess.” Spinny reluctantly agreed. “Hey, it could be fun hanging out here.”
I yawned and could barely keep my eyes open. “Imma get some sleep. Night, Snazzy." Spinny
tumbled into a throw blanket near a jar lantern. “Night, Spinny." I buried my horns in a throw pillow and fell asleep within minutes.
My eyes fluttered open to see Spinny shaking me awake. With her was an older arctic wolf who looked like she was about sixteen. “Snazz! This is Peggy! Her mom wants to adopt us!" Spinny exclaimed. My eyes lit up and I sprung out of my blanket. “Really?" I asked hopefully.
“Really! Come on, we can go to her house now!” I was hesitant for a moment, but I nodded excitedly and dashed out to Peggy’s car with Spinny.

. . . . . . . . . . .

If you're a returning reader, you know I love suggestions! And I kinda need 'em now so make sure to comment!

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Best Dressed Tips w/ Cookiegaming106 | 100% Tried and True!!

Salut, Jammers! It's Day and today me and Cookie are giving you a list with 100% working, Tried-and-True Best Dressed tips. Well, it's only two tips and they sound a bit stupid(some more than another) but they work.

Hello, I'm Sydney(a.k.a. Cookiegaming106) and here are my tips for Best Dressed. They really work, you'll see for yourself.

1. Always have a go-to color palette that will fit with all different categories. It sounds stupid, but I've gotten first place most of the time when I use it. Mine is different shades of blue, yellows and whites, and reds, corals, and pinks.

2. Dress like Donald Trump. Always dress like Donald Trump. This tip wasn't my idea, just to clear things up. But Cookie is right. Donald Trump can be and is everything. He's loud. He's a circus performer. He's magical. He's the most like a vampire. He's everything.
Donald Trump is the grossest. No, Donald Trump is not intelligent. He thinks he is, though. Donald Trump is a teacher. And Donald Trump is definitely the funniest. He's basically a meme.

And now, the proof!


I was really confused the first time she used the "look", but it's cool, and it works.đź‘Ť

(beatboxing)My name is Philip, I am a poet. I wrote this poem just to show it. And I  just turned nine, you can write rhymes but you can't write mine! What?

We had to do that. #noregrets
That's it for today! #jamon

Princess Amber | Ă„rstider

Hiya, Jammers! It's Daylite back with another character in Ă„rstider. So instead of a summary(like I did with the Alphas of the Starscape), I'm just going to give you an excerpt of the fiction I'm writing about her, which will explain most of it.

Amber and the Hidden Falls

“Good morning, Princess Amber.” Cookie, a servant, set down a tray of tea. Soft sunlight beamed in through the window. Amber stretched her arms and let out a content sigh. “Good morning, Cookie. Did it come yet?” she asked hopefully. Cookie knew instantly what she was talking about. She shook her head. “Not yet. It should be here any day now.” Amber and her uncle, Sir Gilbert, an Alpha in Jamaa, shared a close relationship and exchanged letters. In his last one, he wrote that he may have good news for Amber and that he’ll let her know soon. Everyday, Amber was bursting with excitement.
“Day wanted me to let you know she prepared breakfast and that she can bring it down if you’d like.”
“No need. I’ll be up in a few minutes.” Amber slipped on her gown and trotted down to the dining hall. Amber and the servants ate breakfast quietly. The princess was itching with anticipation when a Evie, an Alpha from Snowy Starscape rushed in with a box. “A letter and a package from the General in Jamaa, Sir Gilbert.” Amber was good friends with Evie, so of course she knew what the princess was hyped up about. Amber’s eyes lit up and she rushed over to open it up. She was anticipating the letter to arrive sooner, but she certainly didn’t expect a package. She opened it up to reveal a full set of armor and a golden bow and arrow. She ripped open the letter and murmured it to herself. “What does it say?” Day asked, her eyes wide.
“I was invited to become a soldier and stay at the tent at the bottom of the waterfall at Base Camp!” Amber had mixed feelings about it. Fighting and “roughing it” wasn’t quite her style, and Phantoms frightened her a lot. “Hm… it’ll probably be good for me to stretch out of my comfort zone for a bit. And I guess it could be fun.”
Cookie nodded eagerly. “Honestly, I think you should go. It will be good for you.”
“I suppose it’s settled then.” Amber took a deep breath. “Does anyone want to help me pack?”

I hope y'all like it so far! Thanks for reading!

Misty and Skylar | Ă„rstider

Aloha, Jammers! If you decided to assume who Misty is by the name, then yes, it's another cliché daughter of Mira, complete with the new friend(Skylar) who goes "Oh my god, you're the daughter of Mira!" I tried to make this script as original as possible when I wrote it, though.
I added these two to Ă„rstider with Misty watching over and Skylar as Ă„rstider's Brady Barr(basically) Also, cringe warning. This has been lying around my OneNote for about a year now.

A Misty Sky

(It's about 3:00am to 5:00am in the morning in Coral Canyons. A lynx(Skylar) grabs a laptop, a notebook, a hat, and a blanket. She stuffs these things into a duffel bag. Skylar yawns.)
(Cassie sighs and hops in the hot air balloon behind the tent. It floats up above the clouds, where the sun is rising. Suddenly, the sky goes dark and the wind picks up.)
Skylar: (emoticon)
(The hot air balloon crashes onto a cloud and Skylar is knocked out. She wakes up in front of a gorgeous crystal palace on a cloud, where it is snowing gently.)
Skylar: Wha-
(She wanders around the palace and soon finds a feather pendant and a gold ring with an emerald in the middle. The items are on a velvet cushion in a glass case. She walks around some more and finds a beautiful bedroom. She spots a pale blue flamingo(Misty) with a diamond head bow.)
Skylar: Whoa…
(The flamingo looks around.)
Misty: Hello?
Skylar: Uh, it's just me.
Misty: How did you get here?
Skylar: My hot air balloon ripped.
Misty: Huh. It's just been me up here my entire life. I always assumed this realm was inaccessible.
Skylar: What is this place?
Misty: The Cloud Realm, otherwise known as the realm of Mira.
(Skylar pulls out her notebook and starts to write.)
Misty: (emoticon) What is that?
Skylar: My research on Mira and Zios.
Misty: I've read about Mira! The history of Jamaa is really fascinating.
Skylar: I know, right?
Misty: Come on, let me show you something that might help you.
(Misty leads Skylar to the throne room and shows her the pendant and the ring.)
Misty: These items have been here just about forever. I've been wanting to see if they do anything peculiar.

Oof it's not really done, but you get it hopefully.

I made up a new AJ world?? | Ă„rstider

Hi, Jammers! So the title of this post is pretty self-explanatory. I created a whole other world that I suppose is allies or trading partners with Jamaa. I decided to make Alphas of the Starscape main Alphas in this world and I created some new characters, too. I call this world Ă„rstider, which means seasons in Swedish. Each land in Ă„rstider represents a season.


Kind of a nautical vibe. There's a lighthouse, sailboats, a partly cloudy sky. Named after Wild Explorer Cami's pupper<3 It may sound weird to you, but I honestly think it has a nice ring to it and I could see the name on an AJ map.
Music: I don't know

Snowy Starscape(Winter)
A tundra with millions of visible stars. The aurora borealis appear when a certain number of Jammers dance/sit around the fire. Floating, glowing stairs lead to the Alphas’ Headquarters. The stairs only appear when you’re a deer(Luna), a sabertooth, an arctic wolf, an arctic fox(Estella), a wolf, a coyote(Evie), or a snow leopard(Aurora). Depending on which one of those animals you are, the stairs change colors.
Music options: Epic Wonders(AJ), Snow Leopard Ridge(PW), or Mystical Manor(PW)

Sir Gilbert’s Village(Autumn)
Basically the Jamaa Township equivalent. The village honors Sir Gilbert, an Alpha in Jamaa. It kind of looks like Jamaa Township during the fall but with more medieval style buildings. There is also a castle in which Amber, Sir Gilbert’s niece lives.
Music: The Hidden Falls(AJ)

Oof I don't have one for summer yet.

Characters(I guess)

Destiny, River, and Piper
Destiny(f) and River(m) are Liza's twin niece and nephew and Piper is Peck's younger sibling. They're roommates who tend to argue a lot but sometimes it's fun. Writing up something for them soon

Misty and Skylar

Monday, January 29, 2018

Alphas of the Starscape | Ă„rstider

Hi, Jammers! I came up with an idea for a whole new group of Alphas who were originally located in Jamaa, but were added to Ă„rstider.

First things first:

The Alphas of the Starscape are minor Alphas of Jamaa and main Alphas in Ă„rstider who control and can harness the power of the elements of the night under the guidance of Liza and Greely(when they're in Jamaa, of course). They have a secret headquarters above the main Alpha HQ, which can only be accessed from dusk to dawn, and they have their main headquarters in Ă„rstider.
The Alphas:

Luna is responsible for the phases of the moon in Jamaa. Her wings glow and change their shape according to the current moon phase.

Estella(Arctic fox)
Estella is responsible for arranging the stars over Jamaa to create constellations. She meets Peck at the Alpha HQ, who takes a special liking to Estella.

Evie is responsible for making sure the moon, stars, and her fellow night Alphas' wings are glowing.

Aurora(Snow leopard)
Aurora is responsible for the Northern Lights in Mt. Shiveer. Her wings are always glowing the colors of the Northern Lights while the glow from the other night Alphas' wings are maintained by Evelyn.

Spinny and Snazzy: Magic Twins | Chapter Three

Chapter Three Snazzy POV Spinny and I ran across the den from a tall shadowy wolf figure. We slid under our bed in terror as we saw it wa...